DIY Mini Splits The Ultimate Guide

DIY Mini Splits: The Ultimate Guide

You may have heard your neighbor or co-worker raving about their new DIY mini split they installed over the weekend. Well, you are not alone, they have been gaining massive popularity since the 2020s and don’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. That’s why we made this guide to tell you everything you need to know.
Mini Split AC Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Mini Split AC Systems: Expert Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s be honest, this whole mini split thing can be kind of confusing. Do I get a 12k or an 18k unit? Which brands are available? How does a mini split even work in the first place? Well, if you have questions like these, you came to the right place. We will walk through common questions that our customers have had in the past when trying to decide if they should get a mini split ac or not. Let’s dive in. 

Top Mini Split Units of 2024

Top Mini Split AC Units of 2024: Why MRCOOL Stands Out

MRCOOL has been in the mini split and HVAC game for around 10 years now and are renowned for their advanced and user-friendly mini split air conditioning systems. Here are some of their selling points and why they stand out.
Mr Cool Mini Split System Guide

MRCOOL Mini Split System Guide: Which System is Right for You?

MRCOOL makes a variety of different mini split ac systems so trying to decide the right one to pick can be very time consuming. The good news is, no matter the size of space, they have the system for you. Here is a breakdown of all the mini split ac systems that MRCOOL carries.