MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen 3-Zone 36,000 BTU 22 SEER (12K + 12K + 18K) Ductless Mini Split AC and Heat Pump with Ceiling Cassettes

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Line Set for 12K Air Handler #1: 16 Ft
Line Set for 12K Air Handler #2: 16 Ft
Line Set for 18K Air Handler: 16 Ft
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MRCOOL DIY Multi Zone 4th Gen 36K BTU Three Zone Ductless Mini Split with Ceiling Cassettes 12K + 12K + 18K - A Heating and AC System You Can Install By Yourself!

MRCOOL DIY Series Ceiling Cassettes provide efficient heating and cooling while remaining out of sight and discreet, making them a perfect fit for any space. The cassette features an easy, low profile installation and can be recessed between all types of joists on 16 inch center including pre-manufactured I-joists. This makes it a perfect option for both new construction or retrofits. It doesn’t have strict installation requirements like other ceiling cassettes, so you’re able to install it in the location that suits you best, without using ductwork or wall space. The cassette works with the MrCool® DIY® Quick Connect® line set and the No-Vac® Coupler to increase the length of the line set. Not only does the unit offer quiet operation and multiple operating modes, but it also features the Elevation function that lowers the filter panel for easy air filter maintenance. Purchases of the MrCool® DIY® Series 12K and 18K BTU Ceiling Cassettes are protected by a limited lifetime warranty in addition to a 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty.

Heat or cool three rooms in style with the brand new 4th gen ceiling cassette air handlers on the MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Multi-Zone 36,000 BTU 22 SEER 3 Zone Ductless Heat Pump Split System - 12K + 12K + 18K. This DIY Series multi-zone product features easy installation that requires no special tools or training. You'll save thousands of dollars on installation and you can get the amazing air comfort of your dreams due to the condenser’s 36,000 BTU capacity. The three indoor air handlers are two 12,000 btu and one 18,000 btu which use the condenser's power to heat and cool up to approximately 500 square feet and 750 square feet respectively. A heat pump by design, this ductless HVAC solution can run in reverse and pull in heat from the outdoors when in a heating mode. It comes with a 7 Year Compressor (Plus an optional lifetime compressor warranty) and a 5 Year Parts Manufacturer Warranty! 

MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Multizone 36,000 BTU systems can support up to four indoor units. Not enough? The DIY MULTI 48,000 BTU system can support up to FIVE indoor units.

Feel free to mix ceiling cassette air handlers and wall mounted air handlers together in a system by visiting Building Your Own Custom Mini Split System.

The MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen 3-Zone 36,000 BTU 22 SEER (12K + 12K + 18K) Ductless Mini Split System with Ceiling Cassette units are super easy to install and require no special training or expensive specialty tools. The DIY system includes Quick Connect lines that are pre-charged with eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant. Due to the Quick Connect line set, you don’t have to hire an HVAC technician to complete the install. We also have simple video instructions on how to install a DIY Multi-Zone unit yourself!

The MRCOOL DIY Multi-Zone 36,000 BTU 22 SEER 3 Zone Ductless Heat Pump Split System - 12K + 12K + 18K can cool through the Summer, heat through the Winter, and dehumidify through the wet seasons. Plus, you can quickly check the temperature of each room in your home from the easy to read digital display or from the MRCOOL Smart Controller mobile app. The display on the front of each indoor air handler unit can also display troubleshooting codes and alerts, so you are always aware of any issues with your system. Operate each unit wirelessly with either the included remote or with the MRCOOL Smart Controller app for Apple or Android devices. You also have the ability to control your mini-split unit with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The three MRCOOL DIY Multi-Zone air handlers included in this set provide directional control of the heated or cooled air. This distributes the air evenly so everyone in the room can stay comfortable. If you are in a situation that requires forced cooling, you can set your MRCOOL DIY System to manual with the button located on the right side of the unit under the front panel. In this emergency operation mode, you can test the cooling operation of your unit after installation or to complete a maintenance task.

In auto mode, each unit provides air for your home at your desired comfort level. Set your desired temperature, and the HVAC unit will determine how much heat or air conditioning is needed. You can also set this system to a drying function, which will continue to control the space’s air temperature while dehumidifying.

Use the sleep mode at night to save money on your utilities bills and use less energy. Sleep mode operates in an 8 hour window once turned on.

The MRCOOL DIY Multi-Zone 36,000 BTU 22 SEER Three-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner System - 12K + 12K + 18K comes with many options, so you can customize your system based on your needs. Limit your energy usage and save money on your utility bill by using the system’s timer function. If your system begins to run low on refrigerant, an alert will appear on the easy-to-read display on the front of each air handler, letting you know there may be a leak. If you desire to keep a room quiet and minimize lighted alerts, you can mute each indoor unit. By muting the system, the buzzer for alerts will not sound and the LED lit display will turn off. Should the unfortunate event of a power outage occur, the MrCool system will automatically shut off and then back on with the same settings once power returns.

Easily maintain your MRCOOL DIY Multi-Zone 36,000 BTU 22 SEER Three-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Split Air Conditioner Unit with alerts and reminders. Any troubleshooting codes will appear on the front display and the user manual contains an index for common codes. Air filter cleaning alerts are automatic, and you can easily keep the minimal indoor units clean with a dry or damp cloth.


  • Easy DIY® Installation
  • "Pre-charged DIY®
  • Quick Connect Line Set"
  • Simple to Use
  • Multi-room Comfort
  • Energy Efficient DC Inverter
  • 100% Sealed System
  • Gold Fin® Condenser
  • Eco Safe R-410A Refrigerant
  • Smartphone App Controls
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Low Ambient Cooling

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Angel Lopez
Stylish Cooling Unit Choice

After some serious online digging, I landed on the MR Cool unit. Competitive pricing and fast shipping made the decision easy. So far, so good!

Andrew Hernandez
Saving energy

My spouse and I shopped around for a while, and Chill's pricing and shipping won us over. Freight shipping was a first for us, but it turned out hassle-free.

Adrian Gonzalez
Mr Cool

Fast and reliable shipping made the purchase process a breeze.

Waylon Thomas
Competitive Prices, Great Cooling

Solid unit! Works well so far

Nolan Anderson
Budget-Friendly Mini-Split

Chill's shipping was right on time, and I appreciate that. This mini split is decent in terms of comfort. It might not be groundbreaking, but it's a reliable and efficient choice, which is what I was looking for.