MRCOOL LineGuard 4.5" Complete Line Set Cover Kit - 12 ft

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The MRCOOL LineGuard Line Set Cover is the perfect protective exterior line set cover that is designed for use with any ductless mini split system. This set of protective coverings can fit over a total of 12 feet of the refrigerant lines. It is quick and easy to install, lightweight, and flexible. This kit comes with 16 pieces including three straight cover sections that are 4 feet each, a bend, a wall hole cover, and interconnecting pieces. It can fit one line set per cover kit.

The MRCOOL LineGuard Line Set Cover also allows for a more attractive exterior aesthetic. Keep the outside of your home looking great while also protecting your HVAC system. Over time the elements like the sun can damage your line-set. The MRCOOL Line Guard will protect your line-set from harmful sun exposure and prolong the life of your system.

This cover kit is 12ft and you can order multiple of them if you have a longer line set.

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Customer Reviews

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Gil Bado
Gil bado

I love the service 5 stars

Marvin Sartain

All was good except I ordered a 6ft whip with wire I received a disconnect instead I already had a disconnect but all is okay haven't installed everything yet

Glenn Kacsh
Mr Cool Line guard

Worked well although it would be much better to have a lesser angle than 90 to facilitate a bend. Was concerned about kinking the lines.

Michael Kayser
Good quality

Unfortunately the indoor units aren’t designed to go up through ceiling. Also no provision to add condensate pump

I Live in the U.S.A. (Model: 3PAMSHQC24)

Okay...the title sounds like this is going to be a total negative. Far from it. I had my system professionally installed. It took one (1) day. The main reason that I had it done took only one day with no hiccups. I had to order an additional 12 feet of hose cover as the unit needed the full 25 feet of hoses for the lower unit placement. I would think that the initial 12 feet would be included with an additional 12 feet included upon request, if needed. An unplanned additional $175.00 for 12 feet of PVC hose cover is excessive and the additional, as stated, should be included if requested before or directly after installation.

The unit, itself, works fine out of the box. The installers indicated that the unit is one of the better built and simpler to install of those with which they have worked. If requested in future, a longitudinal assessment can be given. I hope the unit continues to function well on both heating and cooling cycles. We shall see.

Now for the chief gripe. There are no instructions on how to change the remote and temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit. For international sales, this is unacceptable and needs to be corrected.

Secondary Gripe - Another app. If one wishes to have total remote control, and app must be downloaded to one's mobile phone, which requires one to give permission for the Chinese manufacturer to have access to EVERYTHING on your mobile phone, Too many companies have too much access to my private information and my phone has too many junk apps already. Enough is enough. Fix the remote to display an function with Fahrenheit , please.

To close on a positive note...Garrett and Tyler at Chill Mini-Splits are helpful, pleasant, and professional. They are willing to take the time to assist with questions and concerns. (P.S. - Fix the Celsius/Fahrenheit thing, please!)