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Thank you delivery was prompt..but.. customer service for inquiries is non existent..

Everything ok

The problem I have trying to speak with someone since last week is the Termonstat is 3 to 4 degrees higher then actual it is very hard to get help even warranty.

Delivery Miss

Units are fine, but the delivery company showed up with a 53’ semi and no forklift or lift gate. We had to break the pallet down on the truck and I actually dropped the condenser trying to lift it down from the truck. Luckily I think it’s ok and I can lift
more than your average person, so it worked but I’m not happy about the lack of thought from them.

Mostly good, it would be nice if it displayed current temp and not just set temp. Also, only able to turn heat down to 62, which is not good for when away from house. Need to have heat to prevent pipes from freezing but definitely do not need it to be hearing to 62.

Chill Aire Mini Split 9000Btu Unit

Good Quality Unit, Well packaged.
Distributer Garrett Arnold very responsive and helpful through the purchase and delivery of items.


All was good except I ordered a 6ft whip with wire I received a disconnect instead I already had a disconnect but all is okay haven't installed everything yet

Just unboxed yesterday I had ordered a wire whip for disconnect to unit was sent a 60 amp pull disconnect instead I already had a disconnect

Overall Good, could use some upgrades...

I bought this system to use in my 2-1/2 Car garage because it sits directly under our bedroom and affects the temperature in our bedroom. I was looking for a decent quality unit that I could install myself at a reasonable price and this fit the bill. The install process wasn't horrible, but I had to go through & down and interior wall and then out through a crawl space to the outside with the lines, power, drain, etc. Trying to feed the lines through and down the wall while installing was a bit of a challenge without damaging the sheetrock. I ended up having to enlarge the hole by about 50% to get the lines to go through. The other issue I faced was getting the unit to hang on the bracket because there are absolutely no markings showing where the bracket is, and you can't see it while attempting to hang it. I would recommend marking the top of the unit with the center or edges of each hanging point before removing the bracket from the unit. I would also make the same marks on the wall above the bracket. (You can use masking/painters tape for marking). The other issue I had is that the lower brackets that snap in place are made of plastic and since you are trying to stuff 2 lines, a drain, and an electrical cord into a very tight space, it's easy to get caught on something and one ended up breaking off way to easily. I ended up just leaving it because I would have had to take the entire unit back down, pull the lines back out just to replace the bracket, not worth in IMO... The plastic brackets need to be upgraded to something more durable.
Outside of that, I'm loving the unit, I can't even hear the indoor unit running and the outdoor unit is pretty quiet as well. I haven't gotten my first power bill yet, but am anxious to see how it's affected. If you are thinking about getting one of these, make sure you have knowledgeable/capable help installing and it should go fairly smoothly.

Exceptional customer service and DIY mini split!

I recently purchased the Perfect Aire DIY Multi-Zone 3 Zone 24,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump System from Chill Mini Splits, and I couldn't be more impressed with its performance. This mini split unit has exceeded my expectations in terms of efficiency, versatility, and overall functionality.

First and foremost, the installation process was surprisingly straightforward. The DIY aspect of this system truly lives up to its name, making it accessible for homeowners with a range of technical abilities. The included instructions were clear and concise, and the pre-charged refrigerant made the setup hassle-free. I appreciate the convenience it offers, saving both time and money on professional installation.

The cooling capacity of this 3-zone mini split is outstanding, providing a refreshing and consistent climate throughout my home. With 24,000 BTUs, it effectively cools three separate zones (9K + 9K + 12K) with ease. I'm particularly impressed with its ability to maintain the desired temperature in each zone, ensuring personalized comfort for different areas of the house.

The heating function is equally impressive, offering efficient warmth during colder months. The heat pump technology is a game-changer, providing an energy-efficient solution for both heating and cooling needs. This dual functionality adds tremendous value to the system, making it a year-round asset for any home.

The unit's quiet operation is another standout feature. The indoor air handlers operate almost silently, allowing for a peaceful and undisturbed environment. This is especially appreciated in bedrooms and living spaces where noise can be a concern.

The sleek and modern design of the indoor air handlers adds a touch of elegance to the decor. The compact size of the units and the unobtrusive outdoor condenser contribute to a clean and minimalist look, blending seamlessly with any interior or exterior design.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Perfect Aire DIY Multi-Zone system has proven to be a cost-effective choice. The inverter technology ensures precise temperature control, optimizing energy usage and resulting in lower utility bills. The programmable timer and remote control add to the user-friendly experience, allowing me to customize the system according to my schedule and preferences.

Overall, my experience with the Chill Mini Splits team has been nothing short of exceptional. They walked me through and narrowed down all of my options to make the buying process easy. They were never pushy or overbearing, just extremely nice and helpful from the beginning. They ship very fast (which is free!) and offer the best prices around. I highly recommend anyone looking for an HVAC system to give the team at Chill Mini Splits a call!


We shopped around and spoke to a few different companies and none of them touched the costumer service of Tyler and Garrett. Going in not knowing exactly what we would want or need, they made the process of buying a unit simple and easy! Thanks guys!

Great service

Was in a bind and needed a unit fast, the guys at Chill were able to ship it out immediately. I appreciate it!

I have 2 other Mr cool in one of my property and I love them that why I bought one more.

Perfect Aire DIY Multi-Zone 3 Zone 24,000 BTU (9K + 9K + 12K) Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump System

Fantastic DIY split system - very good delivery

Works well, this is the second Mr cool that I have installed and overall, it went well.

Mr Cool Line guard

Worked well although it would be much better to have a lesser angle than 90 to facilitate a bend. Was concerned about kinking the lines.

Install went quite well, easy and good instructions. So far the system is working as expected.
The only glitch is the place to insert the USB seems to not exist on this particular unit, nothing in instructions.

MRCOOL Lineset for DIY Mini Split Systems

Good quality

Unfortunately the indoor units aren’t designed to go up through ceiling. Also no provision to add condensate pump

Our new AC unit

Shipping was faster compared to other options. It seems many other companies opt for drop-shipping rather than handling the shipping themselves.

Quality unit

Unfortunately no provision made for condensate pump
Nor to route lines up through ceiling. Therefore mounting indoor unit on interior walls is difficult

Outstanding service

Great product at the cheapest price. Was able to install this weekend. Works perfect.

MRCOOL Lineset for DIY Mini Split Systems